Body Balm 100g – Babies +3 months (Lavender & Chamomile)


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BODY BALM (with lavender & chamomile flowers): With all that drool and explosive poos (don’t stress, we’ve all been there), is it any wonder these tiny bundles of joy break out in a rash from time to time? Our baby balm was created to help ease the symptoms of nappy rash and other rashes commonly found on little bodies, Our hero ingredient, tallow, helps to provide a natural protective barrier on the skin, this is due to the fact that it is similar to our own skin structure. It is deeply nourishing and prevents skin from drying out. Lavender and chamomile work in perfect harmony to soothe irritation whilst gently calming raw, irritated skin. 
AGE: Suitable for babies over 3 months old.
USES: For eczema, rashes, cuts & scrapes, bites and as an everyday moisturiser.
– Certified organic ingredients.
– 100% natural ingredients.
– No nasty chemicals or yucky stuff
– Soap, paraben and SLS free.
– Made in Australia from locally sourced ingredients.
CONTAINS: Tallow, sweet almond oil* (infused with chamomile, calendula & lavender flowers), lavender essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*.
* Certified organic
** Chubby Bubby balms are not listed by the therapeutic goods administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend to patch test first to check for any allergies to natural ingredients.


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