I’ve always been acutely aware of what I put on my body (our biggest organ) but when I discovered I was pregnant, that awareness took on a whole other level. I became a mama on a mission, I read and researched every ingredient and gathered as much information as I could in order to go back to basics and be as natural as possible. When my little cherub started developing eczema at 5 months old, and tired of seeing her suffering day and night, I tried anything and everything that was recommended to me to try and help. I literally tried anything I could get my hands on (no matter the ingredient structure), I just wanted something that would ease her skin and fast! I found that most products just made her skin worse and stung when applied.

I started to take a closer look at the ingredients that were being used and was alarmed by all the chemicals and junk listed on most baby products. I was aware of the harm they could be doing, so I went in search of a better solution and began to develop my own natural baby care products. I discovered a traditional recipe my great grandmother had used in her skincare routine and used this as a base. I spent months creating little potions, trying to come up with the perfect combination of ingredients, and after many trials and countless hours of testing on my human guinea pigs, Chubby Bubby was formed. It became my natural go-to solution to help ease eczema, nappy rash and dry itchy skin on little ones.

Only the highest quality, natural ingredients go into every Chubby Bubby balm that is created. I love to create products that are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants without the use of harsh toxic chemicals. You can have peace of mind knowing the balm you are using on your little one is 100% natural and contains no chemicals, additives, colours or artificial fragrances. We hand blended in small batches without the use of plastic or metal as plastic is not only bad for the environment but can also contain toxic chemicals that can easily leak into the product contained within it. All of our balms come in glass jars, so you can protect your little one and the environment at the same time – go you good thing!

I hope you find Chubby Bubby balms just as useful as they have been for me and my little one.

Much love,

Kim x