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@bro0ke_fisher Australia

May 2017

It worked really well. We haven't needed it for a while now, skin has been all clear, yay!

@layla.and.benji Australia

May 2017

We have been using Tater Tot from Chubby Bubby for almost a year for our daughter who got really bad dry skin and redness on her cheeks and it has done wonders for her! Would definitely recommend the products to friends!

@abbey__simpson United States

Jan 2017

We just received the balm a few days ago and are already loving it!! It really is different from other products. The texture alone is amazing; how soft and nourishing it feels immediately.

@staveyandbaby Australia

I started using the Rollie Pollie balm as soon as I could see my son suffering from rashes under those cute rolls. They were mainly on his neck, arm and leg folds. I would apply this every night and after every bath whilst making sure his skin was kept dry. After 2 days of religiously using it, his redness disappeared. Now I can happily say it’s under control.

@jesspalma18 United States

Dec 2016

These past few weeks in LA have been very cold and we have been able to use Chubby Bubby balm for a while now and it has made a huge difference. It helps so much! We love it!

@tegan_jean Australia

Oct 2016

Ivy has had pretty bad dribble rash the past few weeks (teething and maybe her blueberry addiction) but this Tater Tot Balm by Chubby Bubby has been keeping it under control. It smells amazing and I don't even mind when she tries to lick it off because it's made up of all natural Ingredients!

@harperhoani Australia

Oct 2016

Absolutely love our Chubby Bubby balm it has been so helpful with nappy rash due to all these teeth that keep shooting through.

@2masters_and_a_miss Australia

Oct 2016

We are a household of eczema sufferers and have not seen ANYTHING work so fast as Chubby Bubby balms. The redness decreased within minutes, and the discomfort reduced greatly! Skin issues are the worst, so to find something so amazing I just had to share.

@sarahjustice Australia

Oct 2016

My poor baby hasn't been too well since her 18month needles and has now broken out in a nasty rash, so lucky to be able to try Chubby Bubby balms. Made with no nasties it's perfect to add some much needed moisture back into her sensitive skin! Plenty of PJ days and mummy's kisses being had here!

@studio.aveline Australia

Sept 2016

This balm is relatively new in my home but I have fallen head over heels in love and awe of it! My little one tends to break out when she is teething and this balm clears her up super quick! I rub it on her body at night and by the morning her skin is clear! It is also pretty amazing on any scratches, seems to clear them up nicely without leaving a scar. To be honest, I can't get enough of this stuff and I cannot wait to see what else it can do come Summer! Visit Studio.Aveline

@kirraleatravis Australia

Sep 2016

It has seriously been so effective. So far, I have used it on nappy rash, chapped lips and eczema and it has been wonderful. Will definitely be recommending it to other mums. 

@amyward Australia

Sep 2016

I never do this, but I highly recommend this product. Archie had dry, cracked skin between his eyes and all in his eyebrows. 24hrs later, it's virtually gone!

@candice.shenae.style Australia

Aug 2016

I just wanted to let you know your balm is helping Scarlett. She's had a scaly forehead/dry skin like cradle cap and it's clearing it up for her, thank you so much!